I listen to music pretty much constantly so I'm willing to expend significant time and effort optimizing my listening situation. That's why…this. Specifically, setting up a UPnP media server for streaming music from foobar2000 to a wi-fi enabled Creative Zen X-Fi, or to 2Player on Android, or presumably to any half-decent UPnP media client (iPhone, Xbox, PS3, another computer, etc.)

I have my music collection on my laptop, but I want to listen through my amplifier and speakers way over there—well, too far to reasonably connect physically via cable. I also have an mp3 player that contains the pretty much all of my music collection that I can hook up through my stereo. But I don't want to have to walk all the way over there every time I want to play something different. That's suboptimal. There Has To Be A Better Way!!